We'll Increase Your Presence
Social Media
Our campaigns are designed to give brands huge social media presence. With our huge follower base on major social networks, we can give your brand a voice.
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We provide metrics and analytics to
measure success
We provide metrics and analytics for each campaign we run so you know whats working and how well it is working.
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We Showcase Our Viral Potential with
Rate My Avatar
We show how viral we can make a campaign with our "Rate My Avatar" service that has been making waves for years now. Its fun and engaging.
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We run campaigns professionally and
target based
Putting your campaign in front of the right audience is critical to the success of any campaign, so we take time to make sure the right people see your campaign.
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Welcome to AURACOOL DIGITAL MEDIAWe are a premium social media marketing outfit based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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  • Design

    We design your campaign to fit into the thinking of your clients. We understand that social media campaigns are not just about hashtags, theres a design process involved.

  • Flexible

    We have our processes but we are flexible enough to consider your own ideas and implement them if you absolutely think they are necessary to the success of the campaign.

  • Social

    We are connected socially with many followers across our various channels, BBM, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc, so don't worry about your campaign being seen socially.

  • SEO

    Depending on the campaign you are gunning for, we can apply our skills in making your campaign available to popular search engines. This helps improve the visibility of your campaign.

  • Measure

    After all has been said and done, we will provide you with metrics to show you just how well you campaign has done and how much success the campaign has had.

Why Choose AURACOOL? We'll Tell You!

  • High Ratings: AURACOOL is among the top 5 premium rated PR brands in Nigeria.
  • Socially Connected: AURACOOL leverages on huge following across popular social media channels.
  • Experienced: Our experience working with Entertainment heavy weights and A-list brands are very useful.
  • Viral: We can make any brand or marketing campaign go viral, no one does it like us.
  • Target Oriented: We target brands audience, not just throw campaigns in peoples faces.
  • Collaborative efforts: We like to work directly with brands to reach a better understanding of the project and deliver better results.
  • Target Based Campaigns

    Tailor your campaigns

    With the experience we have acquired, we know the most successful campaigns are those that are targeted to a primary audience and thats what we try to do for every campaign.

  • Analytics and Metrics

    We Measure Everything

    What good is a campaign if you cannot measure the success rate of the said campaign? We understand you need stats and we will provide you with the needed statistics to measure your campaign.

  • Collaborative Efforts

    We Work WITH you

    We like to think that we work WITH you and not FOR you on every project. This helps the communication and collaborative efforts and thus bring about a more favourable campaign.

  • Publishing Socially

    We publish everywhere

    We have social media reach in the top social media pages and we will publish your campaigns everywhere on our social media pages. We want you to reach as many people as possible.



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